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PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE ON OUR WEBSITE!!! Call or contact us because we need addtional INFO to make sure you get what you want.. 

We can build you any size custom Crushlock that you may want! Center designs are pretty much unlimited, if you can dream it I'll make it happen. CrushLocks are made from 1/4" steel with a 1/8" locking ring. To order a custom set of crushlocks please call 386-336-2905 or email us on our contact page! 12" starts at $550 bare metal, 14"- $600, 16" $650.

 Price is for a SET!!! 

Shipping on a set ranges from $40-60

All locks come bare metal, it is up to the custom to powder coat or paint them. 

Custom CrushLocks

  • Due to the size of this item it does not qualify for free shipping 

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